Mission Statement

The Saraswati Scholarship Fund | Mission Statement 21 April 2017

The objects of The Saraswati Scholarship Fund is to provide funding to enable young girls in Kolkata who would otherwise not have the means for further education to pursue a course in training to study for a professional career in medicine (nursing, midwifery, radiography, dental assistant etc), and teaching, training in social work and human rights law.

We, the trustees, will raise money for the cause by holding regular fundraising events in our homes, and also by meeting private donors.

The board of trustees will consist of no more than 4 at any one time.

  • Ms Sophie Baker – Founder, the account holder
  • Miss Natasha Whiting – Trustee and Marketing
  • Mrs Jane Carling – Trustee and account holder
  • Mrs Sujata Sen – Trustee and direct contact in Kolkata, India

We will hold regular meetings in London and via Skype with all trustees to make decisions, manage the accounts and keep everyone up to date. All trustees are working voluntarily and there will be no payment credited to them. Each year we will go over the governing document to decide whether to make amendments, there will be no changes allowed unless authorised by Ms Sophie Baker.

As the funds raised will only be donated to the educational establishments and boarding costs whilst the children are studying, and these will be monitored by our board of trustees, located in London and Kolkata, there will be no overheads incurred.

Were there to be a dissolution of the charity, all trustees must agree to this decision before anything can be finalised. Through monthly meetings and contact, the board of trustees will choose appropriate candidates for these stipends. During meetings, Ms Whiting will take notes, and send them to all trustees at the end of the meeting for reference in the future.

Once we as a charity have decided on a child to support, the money will be issued to Mrs Sujata Sen in Kolkata who will pay the child’s fees and boarding costs quarterly direct to the educational institution in Kolkata. Any transfer fees for the transaction will be covered by the charity.

The Saraswati Scholarship Fund aims to benefit a number of children who have already shown a level of both interest and academic potential to be considered for further help with their education.

Through our Kolkata based trustee, The Saraswati Scholarship Fund has a direct link and inside knowledge of girls who would not only benefit from financial help but without this would likely be unable to receive an education which is necessary for them to gain appropriate skills.

We are aware in this country that any young child wishing to train in the aforementioned skills it is not unreasonable for them to achieve these goals. However, this is not the case in Kolkata and further afield in India. As we have inside knowledge through our connections (Future Hope in India and The Kings World Trust) we know that without non-governmental bursaries these goals cannot be achieved. The criteria is based on this knowledge, and that I am currently personally funding the nursing and midwifery training for a young girl in Tamil Nadu who without this help would now be working on the production line of a rubber glove factory.

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