About Us

Inspiration for this charity comes from the success of two young girls from Tamil Nadu, South India who have recently qualified as midwives.   Sisters Annaparvathi and Vijay have overcome extreme childhood difficulties (their truck driving father was killed in a building site accident over 20 years ago).   Their mother struggled to feed her 3 daughters.   They were cared for and educated by a local charity, The Kings World Trust for Children.   Throughout her secondary education Annaparvathi expressed a desire to study nursing.   Government support for training is only given to a few students with tip top marks in the three sciences with Maths.   Admission is possible with decent grades but only with financial support.    Annaparvathi qualified for the latter but almost slipped through the net.   Her mother’s situation was so dire she persuaded her eldest daughter to start earning as soon as her education was complete.   She took a job working on the factory line of a local rubber glove manufacturing company, checking for defects and pairing up good stock.   The hours were long, the task repetitive and the pay, minimal.

Fortunately UK supporters managed to step in and finance her training costs.    Owing to the diligence and hard work both these proud sisters have achieved a place in society where they can support themselves and their ageing mother and give back to the community.

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